The 4 Zodiacs Who Just Don’t Give A Damn This Month


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Maybe it’s because their birthdays are around this time of year and they feel like they have the right to relax, but this sign isn’t going to get much done in May. They are going to spend most of their time alternating between oversleeping and catching up with friends.

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Even though this sign can feel themselves procrastinating, they can’t help themselves. They can’t stay focused on any one task for longer than a few minutes, let alone a few hours. This could get them in trouble at work if they aren’t careful, but at this moment in time, they can’t bring themselves to care.

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They don’t give a damn about anything except themselves right now. They just want to have a good time.


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On any average day, Capricorns don’t have time to deal with your bullshit — but they can typically hide it well. However, during the rest of May, their frustration is going to be pretty obvious. They aren’t going to be able to mask the annoyance on their face. If they’re mad at you, you’ll know it.

Maybe it’s because they’ve been under a lot of stress lately, but for some reason, everyone has been pissing them off. They don’t want to deal with idiots. They don’t want to deal with ignorance. They don’t want to deal with small talk about the weather or the latest Avengers movie. They just want to be left alone. They want peace and quiet in the morning when they’re trying to drink their coffee and peace and quiet at work when they’re trying to finish a job.

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This sign has had a rough month. Since there are some serious things going on in their life, they don’t have time for petty problems. If anyone complains to them about a minor issue that makes no difference in the grand scheme of things, they’re going to explode. They aren’t in the mood to deal with overreactions and over-analyzations.

Even though this sign is usually a good friend, they aren’t going to give a damn about your relationship drama this month. They realize there are much worse things in life than an unanswered text or someone sending mixed signals. Unless you have something meaningful to say, they won’t want to hear it, so you might want to watch your mouth.


This sign is sick and tired of putting everyone else ahead of themselves. Throughout the rest of May, they aren’t going to waste time worrying about people who never bother to worry about them. 

This month, Leos are going to have a revelation. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of them. They aren’t in charge of making sure everyone else is okay. They’re only in charge of making sure theyare okay.

That’s why they’re going to leave the house without worrying about what they’re wearing and eat what they want to eat without worrying about the looks they’ll receive. For the first time, they’re going to live their life without worrying about anyone except for themselves.