How to prepare different signs of the zodiac

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Cooking is a serious matter. It is no secret that many people in general do not like to go into the kitchen and cook even the simplest breakfasts for themselves. What is the reason? With laziness? Not really! It turns out that the stars decided in advance who was destined to be a skilled cook, and who would have to be content with only amateurs. Today we will tell you about how different zodiac signs are prepared.

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1. Aries

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You are often too lazy to cook, although you definitely have the potential. You often choose semi-finished products, because with a microwave you feel most confident.

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2. Taurus

 The stars should line up in an incredible shape, so that you want to cook something. You are an excellent cook, but more often than not you simply have no inspiration for cooking. When you get to the kitchen, then cook something incredibly tasty and savory!

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3. Twins

 As soon as you begin to reveal your culinary talent, you will not abandon it. You do not like to cook banal dishes, so you always willingly surf the Internet to find something tasty and “restaurant” there.

4. Cancer

 You cook almost every day. Since you just dream of a family (even if you don’t have one yet), you like to cook a lot for everyone. This is the most common, but from no less delicious dishes.

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5. Leo

 As long as there is someone in your life who cooks for you, then you will not be driven into the kitchen, but if you live alone, you often order food to the house, and when you have a mood, then prepare delicious dishes!

6. Virgin

 You like to cook, and you do it well. Each of your recipes you try to bring to perfection, then to share it with friends and family. This is incredibly amusing your vanity!

7. Scales

 You are constantly in doubt, to eat something useful and healthy or harmful and painful … You can cook both, therefore it is even harder for you to be in the kitchen.

8. Scorpio

 You know how to cook, but not always the dishes are refined. You do not perceive criticism at all, so your guests risk falling out with you if they don’t like something on the table.

9. Sagittarius

 You are not very attracted to cooking, but you like exotic dishes. You prefer a meat salad with pineapples than the usual Olivier. And this is just a little bit of how you can experiment in the kitchen.

10. Capricorn

 You cook well and do it with pleasure. You cook almost every day, so you regularly hone your skills.

11. Aquarius

 You are just a culinary genius! You can bake wonderful cakes and cook original hot dishes and make delicious salads … The dough loves you, so dumplings and dumplings also go out with a bang!

12. Fish

 You always want to add something new and not always relevant to a regular dish. You cook quite often, but not always everything turns out the way you planned. And yet, it only motivates you even more!