Every woman is perfect! Horoscope tell you what!

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Every woman is perfect! Horoscope tells you what! You are perfect and you should know about it! One may discuss the ideals of women and ideas about them, but I will tell you one thing – every woman is perfect and beautiful in her own way. Since the birth of the zodiac constellation, every woman is laying what makes her ideal and unique. Every woman has those qualities that literally drive men crazy and make this particular lady a real beauty.


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Aries woman can become a muse, an ideal in the life of a man, and can be a real destructive hurricane that will rush through life and will not leave a stone unturned behind. Aries woman is interested in herself much more than her partner or people around her, for herself she is always the center of the universe, around which everyone else should rotate. Based on this subconscious belief of a woman of Aries, she builds appropriate relationships with other people. Aries woman loves compliments and pleasant words addressed to her, while criticism, even fair, can cause her such anger that she can break off relations with this person immediately, once and for all.

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Aries woman is very self-sufficient, and often a partner is needed only to confirm her high status, to emphasize her nobility and grace. She can easily do without a man in life, and her strength, endurance and endurance can be envied by the representatives of the stronger sex, because an Aries woman can do absolutely everything for herself – and make coffee and carry heavy bags.

She prefers to rely only on herself, and not to wait for favors from the opposite sex, Aries woman easily survives the absence of a man next to her.

The representative of this zodiacal constellation is always beautiful, she has an unusually bright charisma, which attracts her eyes to her. She will never seek the leader’s place in the team with noise or action – she is the leader wherever she appears, and her word, said in a low voice, affects those around her more than the other person’s loud slogan. Surrounding people sometimes notice that this woman has quite male character traits – she can easily compete with men for dexterity and endurance. Aries woman is optimistic, she becomes irreconcilable and aggressive in the case when she sees lawlessness and injustice near her.

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Sometimes she is sentimental, and her vulnerable and tender soul hides under mock carelessness and even rude behavior. She does not want to show everyone her weakness and tears, and, meanwhile, left alone with herself, she can cry over a sad story or sentimental film.

Aries woman loves praise and compliments, but she clearly distinguishes from her heart the words she says and fake flattery – she does not accept sugary compliments that are far from the truth. This representative of the zodiacal circle has an adequate self-esteem, and her ambitions in life are confirmed by her rich abilities and talents. She looks at life soberly and knows how to present herself only with the best side in any society.

Aries woman does not pursue a goal to achieve a high position in society or to make a brilliant career, although often in life she has both. She is very interested in highly developed people, talents, nuggets, people of interesting views and broad outlook, she can not be in a society in which she does not develop or can not show their abilities in full, and it pushes her upstairs to the aristocratic circles automatically.

In love, Aries woman will give everything, even her own interests, for the sake of a loved one. She can submit, become submissive, but this situation will be maintained only as long as she receives equivalent sacrificial love from her partner. In her personal life, Aries woman is a great owner, she will be jealous, burned with passion if her partner gives reason for it. A rebellious woman, Aries, can tear down her offenders and teach them a lesson that they will remember for a lifetime.

Most often, Aries woman loves not a particular person, but his idealized image, which she invented herself, and her blinkered look at things relating to the object of her love can last for many years. Strong in work and life, Aries woman turns out to be practically defenseless and weak in her personal life, and if her partner gives her a strong offense, betrays her, she will not be able to recover after this meanness for a long time, she will no longer believe in love at all.


The Taurus woman has all those wonderful feminine qualities that make her the queen of the heart and the ultimate dream of absolutely every man. She is a very rare woman in her beauty and wisdom who will become both a good employee, and a beautiful wife, and a wonderful mother to her children.

Taurus woman is always restrained, she does not like to show unnecessary emotions, especially in public. Without another word, she creates around her a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort, and people are drawn to her for quiet communication, for the right advice, for warmth and understanding. She can easily compete with a man in any business that requires high moral and physical stress, but the wisdom of a woman of Taurus is that she does not strive to dominate men, and sometimes deliberately appears weak and defenseless.

A Taurus woman can show her heart and even cry, but she will never use her weakness to achieve some kind of privilege and condescension in her life. She has a good control of herself and finely regulates communication, trying to inadvertently hurt and humiliate no one.

A Taurus woman does not have any excessive demands on friends and life partner, and always accepts people as they really are. Taurus woman gets along well with people, she is sociable and keeps herself up in any society. Undoubtedly, she has aristocratic manners, and can support small talk, but she is much more interesting with ordinary people who do not have a secular bombast.

Taurus woman is wise, her mind is practical, it is natural wisdom, but she is not very eager to get education or additional knowledge, unless she needs them to do any work. She never envies the success of other people and endures praise to others even from her friends and partner, because she really and objectively treats all people without exception, leaving them the right to be in something better than her. She knows her worth, and will not needlessly worry or be jealous of someone else’s success, because she too has a lot of talents and abilities

Taurus woman is not inclined to fantasize, which is sometimes inherent to female nature, she prefers concrete deeds and accomplishments that she always plans in advance. Her self-confidence originates from her enormous inner potential, because she feels that there is no person who would surpass her in strength and perseverance. The Taurus woman, in everything that happens around her, seeks common sense, and only takes action when she sees their practical benefit. Go all-in for something, or move at random — not for her.

Taurus woman is always an excellent housewife, she is good at cooking, knows how to economically manage, her house is always comfortable and clean. She does everything slowly, but neatly and efficiently, in no case should she be stimulated and hurried, because she always knows how and what she should do. Taurus woman will never overindulge in jewelry or cosmetics, she prefers comfortable and very high-quality clothes of simple cut without excesses.

This representative of the zodiacal circle loves children very much and will become a good loving mother who not only cares for children, but also becomes their understanding friend. She is very hospitable, loves to receive guests at home, but reluctantly chooses to visit. For her husband, a woman Taurus will become a reliable friend, who will not only provide him with a strong rear, but will also become a reliable adviser in his affairs. One should not expect great emotions from her, tearfulness or fainting from happiness, but she is not without romanticism, and the man’s life will try to clothe the invisible cozy aura of romance and spiritual warmth.


The Gemini woman is a very interesting person, versatile and intelligent. At first glance, it is impossible to guess what kind of character this woman has – he is too elusive, weightless, ambivalent. She knows that she has many abilities and talents, and is sure that on Earth she has a much higher purpose than other mortals, and all the time she is trying to find her right place in life, jumping from one to another.

The Gemini woman is very restless, fussy, she does not like activities that require long concentration and a great deal of time and effort. She is in constant search, and this makes her look for an activity she likes every time she is bored with the old one.

The Gemini woman is a lucky girl, because she is almost the only representative of the zodiacal circle, who can leave her past without regret and unnecessary memories of the bad in her life. She is very romantic, her soul, which seeks to protect itself from rough influence from the outside, and closes with its rudeness, is very tender and vulnerable.

A Gemini woman is capable of a very strong passion for a partner, if he is interested, she will be carried away. It is impossible to predict the behavior of a Gemini woman, she needs to be taken for what she really is, so as not to cause scandals and squabbles. She easily dreams and fantasizes, and her fantasies are always imbued with romance and sublime bliss. She aspires to the ideal, and sometimes she simply does not notice what is happening to her here and now.

Gemini woman knows how and loves to communicate, she can succeed in activities that involve extensive communication, organization of events and negotiations with partners. Frequent change of her moods can discourage others: just a minute ago she was carelessly laughing and having fun, and now she is sad, anxious, she is afraid of something and does not want to communicate with anyone.

The Gemini woman does not like pressure on herself very much, she always moves away from relationships in which they try to instruct her “on the right path”, teach, direct, and this should be taken into account by her chosen one who wants to keep this partner near her.

The Gemini woman, thanks to her extraordinary intelligence, can be not only a good wife, but also a friend, an assistant to her husband – she gives always practical and very wise advice, and her critical remarks will allow her to carry out affairs in the best possible way. She will never become a “homely” woman who will completely submit to her husband’s will, put her career at his feet – this representative of the zodiacal circle will perfectly combine her own career with family care, and it will be impossible to persuade her to stay at home, because communication and work – this is her life, no more, no less.

If a woman Gemini will look for her ideal in the life of a man, which she represents to herself exactly – she can remain alone for ever. In a partner, this woman sees good qualities, and will be very grateful for the kindness and love for her, but will always compare him with her ideal and find inconsistencies. Despite the variability, the Gemini woman can be very attached to her chosen one, if only he is interested in her as a man, not boring and active.

As soon as the Gemini woman becomes disillusioned with her relationship, she can leave them for the sake of new ones if she meets the best man in her path. Very often, a Gemini woman is in love with two men at once, and for a long time she cannot make a choice between them. Over time, the Gemini woman becomes more sedate, calmer, but never get rid of the passion to travel, change, become better and communicate widely.



A woman Cancer does not like to open up to other people, she does everything to keep her inner world safe and sound. From the very first glance, the interlocutor will not be very clear – kind, gentle, or just fake through, secretive and hypocritical. In fact, the Cancer woman is very sensitive, she is able to get upset and cry for every little thing that offended her, or dismissed her surging sentimentality, but the tears and sufferings of the representative of this zodiacal constellation are also not everyone can see. Most often, she is thoughtful, sad, and her bad mood is easily transmitted to interlocutors.

If a Cancer woman has a good mood, she will have an open and contagious fun, as if sinking with positive energy on all subsequent bouts of melancholy. This lady is very economical, she always keeps in mind the idea of ​​the possibility of a black day for her, and gradually puts aside money so as not to find herself in a hopeless situation in the future. Even if a woman Cancer tells others that she does not have money, it only means that she has money, but – in the bank account, under the mattress, but in the hands, unfortunately, has run out.

Cancer woman always looks great, beautiful and intelligent, has a languid look with a rift that attracts many candidates to her heart. In her choice of a partner, she focuses primarily on his reliability, resilience, so that he can protect her, as well as his ability to earn money, and even on the maintenance of his wallet, because material security for a woman of Cancer must have the highest value. But she is not at all mercantile, as it may seem at first glance, she simply seeks to provide herself and her chosen one with a quiet life in the future, without cataclysms.

Cancer woman doesn’t like critics in her address, she can seriously be offended at mocking remarks, and even go into depression, open criticism can cause her back protest, sometimes unexpectedly violent and loud. For all her life, a Cancer woman is very afraid to be alone; she cannot survive a situation when she is abandoned or left even for a while. Most often, in family life, a woman Cancer becomes the shadow of a beloved man, she carefully preserves and protects the house, fulfills the whims and desires of her beloved and completely dissolves in their children.

Cancer woman is not a careerist, she never sets goals to win high positions, but if the wind of change blows in the direction of raising her career, and this lady will be confident in the credibility of the enterprise, she still grabs this step, as in the opportunity to earn some money more money for the future. Cancer woman is very afraid of uncertainty, and therefore prefers to set small goals that can be achieved very quickly and not draw long-term bright prospects, being content with small ones.

In a relationship, a Cancer woman can fluctuate very strongly, so she needs a strong partner who is able to direct her, calm her down, comfort her, and take responsibility for the future. In private life with a partner, she prefers to reserve the right to her own space, where she can ponder, indulge in melancholy or calm her hobbies. She does not like noisy companies very much, her own house and calm atmosphere are more precious for her. Sometimes too many complexes make a woman of Cancer experience great feelings that she is not beautiful enough, not loved enough, most often these are signals to a beloved man that she needs his support, care and love to regain her confidence and calm.

a lion


The woman Leo is very demanding of herself and others, she is concerned both with her appearance, her style of dress, and the society in which she rotates. This is a very proud, confident, beautiful woman with pleasant manners, she has a sense of self-esteem, it is not so easy to embarrass her. The woman Leo does not like criticism in her address, but she can simply pretend that she does not pay attention to stabbing comments until she turns up a good moment to take revenge on the abuser. She is optimistic, failures and blunders will never knock the ground out from under her feet, she always stands firmly on her feet. With mistakes, a woman Leo can concentrate, gather energy and do the same, but with tremendous success, because she is a real fighter and a winner.

The woman Leo loves a society of people in which she can show her many talents and receive feedback – compliments to her. She is very concerned about her reputation, she chooses her work, being guided by her prestige, always striving for a higher society. In any company, a woman Leo takes center stage – it does not matter whether she is energetic at this moment or not. It has a striking inner expression, strength of character, that it seems that it can manipulate other people only with the help of thought.

A woman Leo always achieves what she has conceived, and no matter what ways, after all, the winners are not ultimately judged. She may be quite sentimental, romantic – at such moments a woman Leo becomes a goddess who descended from heaven.

Representatives of the opposite sex never leave a woman Leo without attention, she undoubtedly enjoys success and loves and knows how to break men’s hearts with her inaccessibility and coldness. Flirting for her is entertaining when she is very bored, but a woman Leo takes her relationship very seriously, and her position will be achieved by men who not only know how to speak beautifully, but who have achieved something in life, have a high position or status, same outstanding background to this.

The woman Leo appreciates loyal friends and is very generous to them, but she has few real friends – not everyone can endure her complex character. The first love a woman Leo remembers all her life, and all subsequent relationships will be viewed through the prism of this love, to compare – this option is better, or worse, than her memory. Because of her difficult temper, a woman Leo parting with many people during her life, and then, looking back, she realizes with bitterness that she underestimated these people, took her own ambitions, did not hold back.

This representative of the zodiacal circle always seeks to lead, even in personal relationships, and her chosen one will have to accept the fact that she will always occupy a dominant place in all family matters.

Woman Leo needs understanding, care and love. Only thanks to love, she blossoms like a beautiful flower, and in the gusts of tenderness and passion she can turn into a fluffy tender cat that loves to purr a man on her knees. Her partner must constantly maintain her confidence that she is irresistible, gorgeous, beautiful, because she really needs this support and understanding.

A woman Leo needs society, freedom, and she cannot be locked up at home and deprived of it, because in this way she will quickly lose her luster and splendor. She needs a life partner who will bring her to the light, accompany her to social events, be the shadow of her royal person, but she will not tolerate a weak-willed and weak man beside her. A woman Leo will be an excellent housewife and an excellent mother, she will protect her family from any encroachment, she will have enough strength to create a brilliant career in the workplace and to take care of her close loved ones.



Virgo woman is always very beautiful, she looks much younger than her years, always watching herself – both appearance and behavior, not allowing herself to make any mistakes. Virgo woman is very strict and demanding of herself, she is very careful and even pedantic both in her work and in life. She is very purposeful, never worried about failures. It is impossible to make her weak or inattentive, she is a fighter to whom unexpected obstacles in the way only add strength.

Virgo woman loves to communicate, but communication should take place in a calm, intellectual perspective, she does not like noisy gatherings and parties. feelings, do not show them. She does not like public speaking, she does not like work related to public activities, reading texts in front of many people, but she gladly communicates in close circle, especially when this communication is intellectual. This is a “steel lady” who, in case of failure, will never ask other people for help, but will only rely on herself.

A Virgo woman is extremely honest, and her open veracity, cold and hard, often becomes the cause of insults to others. She always knows what she wants from life, never enough stars from the sky, but focuses on real, practical achievements.

A Virgo woman is not a career woman, but for the sake of justice, for the sake of a higher mission, she can go to the highest rung of the career ladder. It is useless to argue with Virgo – she enters into an argument only when she is sure that she is right, and gives such undeniable arguments of her point of view that the enemy is only retreating

She will never forgive the inaccuracy or lack of punctuality of her colleagues or close people. There is no sense in making excuses for a woman, the Virgin, just to admit her guilt. She can be both romantic and sentimental, but only with the person who fully deserves her trust and respect, and in public the same woman Virgo never shows her feelings.

Virgo’s love can be great, but courting her can last a long time, without the slightest response from her side. She is not one of those women who are able to fall in love at first sight or rush into the maelstrom of a relationship with her head, forgetting about everything. She can be practical and very romantic at the same time, the love of a woman of the Virgin, like herself, is a mystery, which not every contender for her hand and heart can solve. The Virgo woman is not content only with feelings and passions, it is also important for her to have a spiritual connection with a partner, which she values ​​above carnal love.

A Virgo woman always considers herself to be right (and in most cases it goes like this), she will not tolerate active partner objections, whatever it is. She will single-handedly manage the financial issues of the family, will demand a report on all spending.

A Virgo woman always strictly keeps order and will not tolerate if a partner throws things around the house or leaves unwashed dishes behind her – life with this representative of the zodiacal circle turns into hard work if the partner is not inclined to keep order his wife

In relations with the chosen one, the Virgo woman is very fond of degree and grace, she should be interested to talk with him. If she respects her husband, she will accept some concessions for him, namely, she will take care of the order in the house. She is able to control her emotions and looks cold. But the chosen one must remember that the heart of the Virgin woman is much hotter and softer than it seems from the outside, therefore only mutual development, mutual patience and understanding of each other can strengthen the union with this lady.



A Libra woman is always charming, beautiful, elegant and very feminine, although sometimes her cold rationality has the features of a truly masculine logic. She communicates easily, can support any conversation, but only enter into a dispute when she is truly confident that she is right. She does not seek to demonstrate her intelligence and practicality to the whole world, but those around her constantly notice her wisdom even in ordinary, practical, everyday affairs.

She is very tactful, and will not go over the heads to make her career, but she will not hide behind the backs of others if she is elected to a higher position. She evaluates each object from all sides, every moment of life, Libra woman discusses both from a negative and a positive position, this allows her to analyze, draw the right conclusions and, accordingly, apply experience in later life.

A Libra woman, before taking each step, carefully considers it in her manner, and if she takes it, she will be right. To her misfortune, very often the hesitations “for” and “against” loosen the construction of her peace of mind that she decides to stay in place without taking any decision until the base of her life returns to normal. Thus, a Libra woman very often loses a number of good opportunities to improve her life, preferring not to make any decision.

Before any activity, a Libra woman should make sure twice that her decision is correct, that she has not missed any trifles, that she has everything to do this work. This representative of the zodiacal circle, with its apparent self-sufficiency, absolutely can not be alone. She constantly needs support, because she in life should be guided by someone, by someone to verify her actions and decisions.

It is better if this is a man whom she respects, and whose opinion puts her above her own, because the Libra woman, both in business and in her personal life, the Libra woman will never fully reveal. She knows how to make money, a Libra woman needs money to keep her house in order, and also to maintain the image of a stylish and elegant lady. She skillfully hides her rude, “male” character traits behind a beautiful dress, delicate make-up and stylish hair-do, she is always stressed feminine in appearance, even if she puts on trousers and a tie.

A man whom a Libra woman will love with all her heart can reveal her for herself, see all the wealth of her soul and inner world. For her loved one, the Libra woman will do everything that he needs, she will fulfill his whims and desires, looking into his mouth.

A Libra woman avoids unnecessary responsibility in her work, but she can become an excellent adviser to her beloved man, staying behind him. She advises him so gently and unobtrusively that it sometimes seems to a partner that these are his own thoughts and desires. She is a smart and very insightful manipulator who skillfully influences a partner for the best result in his activity. It is the woman of Libra who can make a general out of her husband-soldier, methodically directing him along this path.

In her personal life, a Libra woman will always strive for balance, harmony, she hates squabbles, gossip and scandals – everything that destroys a family. She will be able to create such an environment at home that her chosen one will feel secure and happy.

A Libra woman can successfully combine her own career with family concerns, but if she needs a choice between these important areas of her life, she will still choose a family, remaining a caring mother and wife. A Libra woman is strong in her softness, and soft in her inner strength, which is never destructive or rude.


Level of bitchiness at the sign of the zodiac


The mysterious, mysterious woman Scorpio remains as such for her friends after many years of dating. He has not yet been born on earth that person who is able to understand her many-sided soul, she always escapes, flows, shimmers from one state to another, and it is impossible to see her whole, to summarize her opinions about her. A Scorpio woman is always very self-confident, she is proud and independent. In her life, she relies only on herself and never asks for help. She may even be offended by the words “a representative of the weaker sex”, because she considers herself much stronger than even men, not to mention other women.

A Scorpio woman constantly and in everything tries to be a leader, she knows that her opinion is very accurate, and claims to unconditionally podsinenie others. The role of a caring domesticated mother is not for her, this representative of the zodiacal circle will do her best to make her career in the most brilliant version that she is capable of. She will be able to use many ways to draw attention to her person, to charm a necessary interlocutor, to gain favor from him – this is both a hypnotic look, and unconditional charm, and a brilliant flawless style of clothing. She perfectly feels where she should press on the interlocutor, and where to ease the pressure, and uses this skill very successfully, manipulating the people she needs.

A Scorpio woman skillfully applies masks when it is necessary to hide her true essence, and these masks are so different that friends have the feeling that he is communicating with different people. Most often, she uses the mask of femininity and even weakness – she can pretend to be weak, helpless only to disarm her interlocutor, reveal her weak points before her, allow her to gain time before tough actions.

It is impossible to deceive a Scorpio woman – she sees the interlocutor through, shining through him like an X-ray machine, and not even a little bit of falsehood escapes her. She will never forgive attempts to deceive her, and tries not to communicate with people who have already tried to do this, removing them forever from their lives. Scorpio woman refers to a complex type of so-called femme fatal women who can half-smile, half-look to make anyone dance to their tune.

But, despite self-sufficiency and strength, a Scorpio woman needs a loving and caring partner who will understand her well, accept her as she is. Never will this representative of the zodiacal circle fall in love with a weak, weak-willed man – her partner should have male power, masculinity, which will fit her own masculinity. She will be grateful if her chosen one is so strong that she will be able to curb her a little, dominate her, without changing her essence, however.

A Scorpio woman should be proud of her chosen one, admire him, and therefore he should look very presentable and elegant, be wise and calm in behavior. Even having fallen in love, the woman Scorpio outwardly remains very cool with her chosen one, and only in private will he recognize the real fiery passion of the representative of this zodiacal constellation.

Her beloved man will become the center of the Scorpion woman’s universe; she will devote all her victories and careers to her, be caring and passionate. She will protect her family and relationships with a partner, protecting them from gossip and gossip, she will not share her private life secrets with anyone, and outwardly this couple will look like a pair of good friends, but no more. A woman of Scorpio will be faithful and devoted to her beloved man all her life, and her partner will be a happy man, if one day she does not undermine her trust with a lie or a betrayal, then she will wipe him off the face of the earth and do it as passionately as she loved.



Woman Sagittarius is very straightforward. This is a real combat friend of Robin Hood, who fights for truth and justice, and always says what she thinks, even if this truth brings destruction. She often puts others in an awkward position, believing that it was she who was chosen to establish justice and order everywhere.

The woman Sagittarius looks at the world without rose-colored glasses, she is not inclined to idealize people, and even more – always doubts their positive qualities, until she herself is personally convinced of their presence. Among women Sagittarius, a very large percentage of old maids, who never found a chosen one for themselves, or lost all acquaintances because of their ambitions and straightforwardness.

The woman Sagittarius believes that she has come to this world to make it better, and is trying with all her might to accomplish this mission. She is very hard to please, she is picky, irreconcilable with errors in work.

Woman Sagittarius has an amazing energy, she is in constant motion, interacting with people, and a rare choice will endure all this fuss in the life of the woman he loves. She sincerely believes that personal life should not harm the public, and often refuses it in favor of the latter.

It is very difficult to convince a woman of Sagittarius in something, she has her firm opinion about everything, and very rarely changes him – only when circumstances prove to her that he is wrong.

This representative of the zodiacal circle does not like very much when they are trying to dictate conditions or command her, but at the same time she cannot stand men who are weak, weak-willed, because she is interested in those people with whom she can compete in strength and endurance.

She will never be submissive to her chosen one, and even more so – she will never turn into a house woman who is happy only from cooking soups and cleaning the apartment.

The woman Sagittarius is not a careerist, she has no mercantile expectations from life, but she needs money, as the necessary keys to freedom, which means that she will earn them with all her might.

This woman easily becomes a true friend to men, a “shirt boyfriend” in any male company, and very often friendship replaces love for her chosen one. She is very proud, and never, even in critical situations, will not ask for help, hoping only for her strength. But few people know that deep in the soul a Sagittarius woman is very vulnerable, it is easy to offend her, and even when she looks indifferent to the caustic remark, she has fire inside her, and at night she can easily cry into the pillow, so that no one saw or heard.

She apparently easily loses her friends and goes to sever relations with her lover, and then, laughing, talks about it, joking. But the woman Sagittarius always deeply experiences such moments, and no one in the world will ever know how much suffering and tears her faithful pillow saw in the last nights.

A female archer can avoid personal relationships, or make them so that they will not be visible from the outside, but alone with her chosen one she can be passionate, passionate and romantic. She will be happy to take care of her family, because she always strives for cleanliness and order. She does not cook very willingly, and at every opportunity she tries to send her family to a cafe, or put everyone in semi-finished products.

A Sagittarius woman can never live with a weak man, she will simply crush him with her independence, and with a strong, equal to herself, a man, she will begin to argue and discuss things creatively. It is good if the Sagittarius woman and the chosen one have common interests or work, then their attention would be drawn not to self-digging, where they can often quarrel, but to the working sphere, which will make them equal partners.

The woman Sagittarius must always remain free – this is the secret of her personal happiness, as well as the happiness of her entire family.



The female Capricorn is a very difficult nature for understanding, which seems to be most turned inward, in its own experiences, than in the external world. She makes an impression of a always very busy lady, having some kind of back-breaking work, a capacious load on her shoulders, and this feeling develops about her wherever she appears.

In this regard, the woman Capricorn enjoys the same respect among the people around him, as a person who knows more than he says in reality. I must say that with age, a Capricorn woman can get rid of some of her complexes, and become a very attractive lady, sociable and moderately cheerful.

A Capricorn woman always wants to manage global affairs, she is a maximalist in work and relationships, and therefore she cannot be interested in occasional underworking or meaningless acquaintances and relationships. She does not want to waste her life on idle chatter. And therefore, it gets rid of unnecessary observers who, out of curiosity, come into her personal life, never letting them go beyond the threshold.

In a sense, it is closed, and carefully guards the peace of its inner world, but this does not mean at all that inside it is tough and cold. Only a few close people can know that in the soul of a Capricorn woman the fire is always burning, she can be both romantic and cheerful, and sentimental, but never go beyond the limits of this closed world, leaving her real life inside.

It is very difficult to care for a Capricorn woman, because she has many requirements for her future elect, and she values ​​intelligence, strength and honesty above all else. A Capricorn woman is always extremely restrained and proud, she will not show that she is offended by the attacks of opponents or feels admiration for a new interlocutor, but in her soul she is thin, vulnerable and very sensitive. Misunderstanding of her chosen one can hurt her, and very often in the life of the representative of this zodiac constellation there are tears and disappointments.

Having suffered a fiasco in her personal life, a Capricorn woman takes up her work and career with triple zeal, she doesn’t really need to move up the career ladder as such, but she can and wants to pursue a career as an activity that distracts her from personal failures thoughts on this.

The partner of a Capricorn woman who does not understand the essence of her personality will be inclined to think that she is cold and insensible, and this reason is often the main reason for the parting of a Capricorn woman with her chosen ones.

The Capricorn woman is very careful in her work and life, she does not take rash steps and even prefers not to break away from reality even when she is flying. Despite her apparent strength and independence, the Capricorn woman really wants to have a reliable and strong partner who will be her support and protection from many life winds, because deep in her heart she still dreams of becoming weak and tender.

This is confirmed by the fact that the Capricorn woman, who has found her beloved man, can easily leave her ambitious thoughts about career and devote herself to caring for him and the children. Fully representative of this zodiacal constellation can not be “home”, but from a successful personal life, she only prettier, begins to understand her true purpose in life. In addition, in the person of a reliable loving partner, Capricorn woman gets a defender of her interests, and gets rid of many of her old and outdated complexes, becoming more open, calm and optimistic.

A Capricorn woman will be a very good housewife, a strict but fair loving mother, she will maintain family relationships from destruction and misfortune, and will be a good helper and adviser in her husband’s career.



Aquarius woman is always graceful, charming and attractive, she is happy to communicate, has quite solid principles in life, but sometimes she is not averse to retreat from them in favor of funny games or adventurous adventures that give her new inspiration for creativity and new achievements. She has many friends, listens to them with pleasure, being a true friend who can complain and cry in a vest, both for women and men. Aquarius woman has a striking sensitivity, she always feels the direction of the wind, the mood of others, their problems, and can be the first to rush to help friends, even if no one asks for it.

Aquarius woman is very focused on society, communication and social connections, it is very important for her to feel necessary, necessary for people, she is not indifferent to her authority and reputation, because this is her business card, which should be presented to new friends.

A representative of this zodiacal constellation says only what she actually thinks, and her toughness sometimes goes over all the boundaries when she tries to attract maximum attention to herself with a word stream.

Aquarius woman always stands guard over the interests of good and justice, she easily rebel against lies and aggression, even if it happens to strangers. She also does not accept pressure or aggression, at best she will simply avoid this person or society in the future, at worst she will rise in active struggle. True, the active hostilities woman Aquarius undertakes very, very rarely, only when it is not possible to avoid contact with these people.

A representative of this zodiacal constellation is very friendly, she will melt in a warm friendly atmosphere, she is inspired by an open and honest relationship with people. She tries not to argue with others, even if she has to “crush” her opinion and make concessions to another person. The woman of Aquarius will try to demonstrate the correctness of her point of view in life, in practice, and if possible, she will demonstrate to the debater who was really right, recalling even a very old argument.

Aquarius woman is always fussy and active, she is in constant search, she is repelled by the grayness and ordinariness of both affairs and relationships, forcing her to look for new and interesting ones.

Woman Aquarius to achieve their goals and plans will never resort to tricky and insidious plans, preferring to earn everything honestly, with an open visor and a pure soul. She will never go in pursuit of her own advantage against other people, and she will gladly help everyone around if she feels that they need her help. Sometimes it seems that a woman of Aquarius does not always correctly assess the realities, because often, by helping others, she acts to her own detriment, depriving herself of an advantageous position or material wealth. But it seems that the woman of Aquarius does not bother at all; she is a revolutionary who came to this world to change it for the better.

In relations with her chosen one, Aquarius woman will not be content with little, she needs all his attention and the hottest love he can.

If the woman of Aquarius does not meet the feelings that can interest, ignite her passion, she prefers to remain lonely, in the eternal search for her beloved. She will be faithful to her husband, will try to do everything for him in the family, but do not forget about the need of the representative of this zodiacal constellation in freedom and communication, without which she will simply wither.

It is impossible to permanently make her “home” hostess and tear her society away, in this case serious scandals and wars will flare up in a couple, and the winner is always known to be the woman of Aquarius, because she will part with the person who tried to deprive her of independence without regret. She does not attach much importance to physical love, but the spur of passion of the spouse responds with the same strong impulses.



Woman of Pisces has its highest goal in this world – she is looking for Love. The representative of this zodiac constellation has a very soft and tender heart. She is sentimental and romantic, and does not fit into the framework of the relationship that has developed in society. A woman of Pisces is timid, timid and cautious, prefers not to fight with the whole world, but to hide from storms and hurricanes somewhere in a safe shelter, it is better to have a strong shoulder. Despite the fact that a hundred Pisces women are so inclined towards personal relationships and love, unfortunately, it is not always possible to build true feelings, and that’s all because of her suspiciousness and anxiety.

In the life of a woman Pisces, it seems, more cataclysms and disappointments occur than in the life of any other zodiac sign, but this is because this representative of the zodiacal circle is very sensitive, and any trouble, even the smallest, is perceived as a universal catastrophe. This woman has a very sympathetic heart, and always seeks to give more to people than to take from them, moreover – she does not know how to fight for her happiness, because for the woman of Pisces the words “fight” and “happiness” have completely opposite, mutually exclusive meanings .

A representative of this zodiacal constellation will simply wait for her happiness, believing that once she will meet her reliable protector and beloved person, and this belief is so strong that a Pisces woman can hold out for her whole life just failures, one after another.

Pisces woman’s imagination is very rich, she so vividly imagines her future rich and warm house, beloved husband, children, harmonious family, that she becomes happy just because she thinks about it. If a woman of Pisces never finds her betrothed, then these dreams will eventually become her real life, distracting from the gray reality and poverty.

The mood of a representative of this zodiacal constellation changes very often, she can laugh carelessly, she suddenly becomes sad for no apparent reason, as if moving away from her interlocutors. Sometimes a Pisces woman is read inadequate and strange because of this, but she only shows her second nature, which is necessarily present in all dual zodiac signs, and there is nothing strange or bad about this.

A Pisces woman is always afraid of poverty and tries to reach out in work to earn a living. This can be a real cure for her during her depression, because the material stimulus will give her the strength to move on with much greater activity, and, in turn, active work will give another additional and enhanced material stimulus.

A Pisces woman can be so carried away by this process that even for herself, she will climb several steps of the career ladder. In addition, the woman of Pisces is always very artistic, and can become a great actress that will allow her to change her looks without prejudice to her own reputation.

If a woman of Pisces meets her beloved person, she will surrender completely under his protection, will become an excellent wife and mother. She is a good housewife, knows how to economically manage the household and will not disregard either the cleanliness of the sexes or the career affairs of her husband. A woman of Pisces, thanks to natural artistry and the ability to adapt to the circumstances, will easily tune in to the desired wave of a loved one’s mood, will always create for him exactly the atmosphere he needs.

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To push a partner away from a Pisces woman, only her extreme coldness, detachment in relationships can be, therefore a representative of this zodiacal constellation should be more open and passionate, especially since she will also like it very much.

A Pisces woman knows how to listen, empathize, she will be actively involved in her husband’s affairs, supporting him in everything, and if in response to his defense she gives him the passion he desires, this family will be truly indestructible and happy.