Natural Cold Remedies – The Healing Power of Elder

Natural Cold Remedies Part 1- The Healing Power of Elder

My boyfriend (now husband) and I rely almost entirely on herbs as natural cold remedies for our personal health and wellness these days. Herbs grown right on our own small patio have saved us a few unnecessary trips to the doctor, which in my opinion, is so much better than spending loads of money on toxic, conventional medications. Sure, there’s definitely a time and place for doctors, but it’s nice to have the option to treat colds and flu with a more natural approach.

My hope in writing these natural cold and flu remedy articles is to offer simple methods that shorten the duration of colds and flu, allow a higher level of comfort during times of illness, as well as offer fewer episodes or opportunities for sicknesses to take root.

As amazing as going natural can be, herbs are definitely not to be taken lightly and require a lot of respect in terms of their proper usage, so take care if you are pregnant, nursing, on prescription medications, have unique illnesses/health circumstances, or plan to give natural cold remedies to a child. Let’s be mindful folks! Be sure to proceed with knowledge and caution before testing out new herbal remedies! Also, keep in mind: if you feel like you need to go see a doctor, then PLEASE DO!

So now that that’s been said, let’s move on to a few elderberry remedies that are safe and effective that you can use to help prevent or kick a cold in no time flat!

Elderberry Syrup – A Natural Cold Remedy Superstar!

Elderberry syrup is probably one of the best tasting herbal remedies out there, so it’s perfect for children and adults alike. Who wouldn’t be willing to take a natural cold remedy that actually tastes good?

If you read my The Benefits of Elderberry article, then you know that elder is proven to be effective against EIGHT different strains of the influenza virus. That’s pretty amazing! It does this by disarming the virus, preventing it from attaching to our healthy cells and replicating. That’s why taking elderberry syrup will help shorten a cold’s duration as well as improve its symptoms.

Here’s a recipe to make your own elderberry syrup:

The Best Natural Cold Remedies – Easy Elderberry Syrup Recipe

Here’s what you’ll need:

1-2 cups fresh elderberries or 1-2 cups dried elderberries with 1-1 ½ cups pure water
Heat over the stove until broken down and juicy. For dried elderberries, you want the mixture to reduce until it coats the back of a spoon.
Strain the berries into a pyrex measuring cup
Add an equal amount of raw honey once the mixture has cooled a bit (you want the honey to stay “alive”)
Feel free to add any number of spices to the mixture while simmering such as fresh ginger, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg…etc! Experiment and find which spices work for you.

This syrup should be kept in the fridge in an airtight jar or bottle and can be copiously used by the whole family. Use it within a month.

I recommend taking at least 1 tsp daily to ward off the chances of catching a cold and definitely be sure to take it at the first signs of illness. I like to put it in my herbal tea as well.

If you need an elderberry remedy that lasts more than 30 days, I suggest making a delicious elderberry elixir! It’ll warm you up and kick a cold within a few days. Much better than the usual 1-3 week duration of most icky cold out there. I know I have bronchitis for almost 4 months one time… I wish I had elderberry syrup then!

Now, on to the recipe!

Delicious Elderberry Elixir

Fill a clean jar halfway with fresh or dried elderberries.
Cover with local, raw honey
Mix well
Fill the jar with a tasty brandy and let the mixture sit 6 weeks in a cool dark place
Be sure to shake it frequently
Strain and rebottle.

I like to take 1 TBS at the first sign of illness and will continue to do so on the hour till my symptoms have disappeared.

You can also use the flowers as an effective preventative and as a handy treatment for breaking a fever.

Here’s a simple tea recipe:

Cold and Flu Elderberry Comfort Tea

1 part elderflowers
½ part peppermint
½ part rosehips

Drink as needed at the first signs of illness. Allow the herbs to steep (covered) for a good 20-30 minutes. I like to drink this natural cold remedy throughout a cold to help shorten its duration. This tea will also help break a lingering fever. This is one of the best natural cold remedies out there as it offers a multitude of effects like easing digestive upset, topping up your vitamin c levels, clears phlegm, and settles the stomach.

If you are not able to purchase elderberries, there are a few really good products out there that I highly recommend:

Nature’s Way Elderberry Syrup
Gaia Herbs Elderberry Syrup
Honey Gardens Elderberry Syrup

Here is a great source to order your dried elderberries.

For fresh Elderberries, go here:

What have been some of your favorite natural cold remedies? Please share in the comments below!

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Natural Cold Remedies - The Healing Power of Elderberry - Elderberry is one of my must have herbs all year round for treating colds and flu. Learn about my favorite remedies to make with elderberries.

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