Greetings and Welcome to my Blog!

The Journey Begins

Hey every one, and welcome to my first blog post! I’m excited to begin this journey of healing and self discovery! Let us return to the olde ways where folk medicine is the people’s medicine. Let us deeply nourish our mind, body and spirit with the feral herbal traditions our ancestors learned at the knee. You will find herein this blog, remedies for our ills, complaints, and misgivings with the force of powerful plant allies you can find in your own kitchen, local community, and the wild land near your home whether you live in places like Los Angeles like I do, or the wild and rural areas elsewhere.

Wholesome and nourishing foods will also play their part in our journey to holistic health, and I hope to entice you with tried and true recipes that have been passed down through generations or by my own experimentation. And through it all, I will show you how I battled acne and defeated it for good, how I’m healing my own systemic candida, and how I nourish and flourish!

So welcome! and let us become wise in the ways of self healing, for everything we need is at hand as it always has been, we just need to remember…

Love and Light,

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